Podcasts are growing rapidly. The number of podcast listeners is adding up daily. Many organizations and individuals are considering it to be an essential marketing tool.

But podcasts are not new; it is the latest version of the radio shows, which has always been successful.

The best thing about podcasts is that people can listen to it on the go while driving, going for a run, walking, traveling, etc.; you don’t need to look at the screens, unlike blogs and videos. And hence it is becoming a daily habit for people.

Most organizations and entrepreneurs are still not using podcasts as the importance of podcasts for growing their business is not clear.

Here are 7 reasons why you should start a podcast now to grow your business:

  1. You get to create direct engagement with your Listeners – Now, every piece of information is accessible just with a click, but the problem lies in too much content available. People might tend to get overwhelmed by having too much content to read. Podcasts help you share audio contents and share the direct message with your audience, through which you get to engage with them. Also, audio contents are more engaging as people get to pick up the emotions with your tone and voice, which becomes a limitation for written content sharing. People tend to be more engaged with you and your content as they feel they know you.
  1. It is Growing yet low Competition – Online marketing is competitive, and creating your presence is hard. Podcasts are growing rapidly. However, there are fewer podcasts than other social media platforms. It is easier to build your presence on the platform with a highly engaging platform and low competition. This is the right time to start your podcast as this will give an extra edge for your brand than your competitors who are not in the podcast.
  1. Creates your Brand Authority What can build your brand authority and credibility is through content. Podcasts are a great way to share informative information and build your brand authority as your listeners get to hear directly from your mouth. Pieces of information transmitted through discussions turn out to be more valuable than blogs and scripted videos.
  1. It increases your Brand Awareness – Podcast is gaining popularity day by day with the number of podcast listeners multiplying. By being present on different platforms and directories where people are searching for podcasts, you increase your brand awareness. With the right target strategy and being present at the right place, building your brand awareness is difficult.
  1. It is your platform to communicate with your audience – Your podcast show is like your own stage where you get to speak & connect with millions of listeners worldwide. You don’t need to arrange an event, fly to different places, sell your event tickets, book venues, etc.; all you need is to record an episode full of information & value and upload. And your listeners can listen to you from anywhere, anytime, and whenever they want to.
  1. It is the most cost-effective marketing tool – Marketing online is becoming expensive and tough with so many competitors. Podcasts are considered the most cost-effective marketing tool as you share your podcasts on different platforms without spending huge amounts of money.
  1. You get Qualified Leads – Your listeners are your prospects. By sharing valuable information regularly, you get to convert your listeners into qualified leads. When your listeners have been following your podcast, they get to know you very well and are already confident about your product or service.