Podcast for an Small Business Coach?

Story Time! Let’s start with a Case story of  Lisa M, Small Business Coach!

Lisa M is a dedicated Small Business Coach passionate about helping entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of building and growing their ventures. She brings five years of experience providing practical guidance and strategic support to small business owners across various industries.

Lisa M How to start podcast as a small buziness coach

Top 3 Challenges Lisa was Facing

Establishing her authority and visibility in a competitive market filled with small business coaches.

Connecting with small business owners who are looking for hands-on guidance and solutions.

Finding an effective way to communicate her expertise and success stories.

Top 3 Goals of Lisa

Position herself as a trusted advisor and go-to resource for small business owners seeking practical insights.

Attract a steady stream of small business clients who value her hands-on approach and tailored solutions.

Expand her network within the small business community and collaborate with industry influencers.

How we could have transformed Lisa’s Coaching Journey: A Case Story

Step 1: Content Creation and Sharing Thought Leadership: We could have collaborated closely with Lisa to create a podcast series called “Small Business Success Unleashed.” Through this podcast, Lisa would have shared practical strategies, success stories, and actionable tips specifically designed to help small business owners.

Step 2: Building Connections and Networking: “Small Business Success Unleashed” would have featured guest interviews with accomplished small business owners, industry experts, and fellow coaches. These interviews would have created valuable networking opportunities and established connections within the small business community.

Step 3: Creating Useful Content and Sharing It Widely: We would have repurposed Lisa’s podcast content into engaging blog posts, bite-sized videos, and shareable infographics. These resources would have been strategically shared across social media platforms, industry forums, and relevant small business communities.

Step 4: Engaging with the Audience and Building a Community: The podcast would have included interactive segments where listeners could submit their small business challenges and questions. Lisa’s engaging responses would have fostered a loyal community of small business owners who sought her guidance and valued her expertise.

Step 5: Learning from Experts and Building Credibility: Collaborating with influential small business owners and industry experts would have enhanced Lisa’s credibility as a podcast host. This validation would have attracted a broader audience of small business owners seeking practical solutions.

Step 6: Generating Revenue and Offering Premium Services: As the podcast gained popularity, we would have guided Lisa in exploring revenue opportunities, such as offering premium content or organizing small business workshops. These avenues would have contributed to Lisa’s consultancy revenue and overall growth.

Step 7: Connecting with Potential Clients: Lisa could have strategically invited small business owners to be featured on her podcast, providing them with a platform to share their stories. This natural connection would have opened doors for meaningful business discussions.

Step 8: Cross-Promotion and Growing the Audience: Through collaborations with fellow podcasters and influential figures in the small business world, Lisa’s podcast would have reached a wider audience of small business owners seeking guidance and insights.

The Impact: Lisa M would have experienced a remarkable transformation in her coaching journey by leveraging The 8 Lever B2B Pod Framework. “Small Business Success Unleashed” would have positioned her as a trusted advisor for small business owners, attracting a steady stream of clients seeking her hands-on guidance. Lisa’s personal brand would have thrived, her small business network would have expanded, and her consultancy would have achieved new heights, exemplifying the power of podcasting in establishing authority, building connections, and driving business growth.

This hypothetical scenario illustrates how using a podcast can be innovative and strategic for someone like Lisa to build a personal brand, acquire new clients, and become a significant figure in their industry.

Let's Have Journey Like Lisa!

You have to do only 3 things.

With us, you have to do only 3 things – Record, Chill and Promote – Rest all are taken care by us! Strategy, Topic Research, Keywords, Editing, Guidance, Show Notes, Publishing on all platforms, Repurposing Podcasts, Getting Guests, Becoming Guests on Other Podcasts, Your Content Creation for Social Media for Promoting Podcasts – all are done by us for you. Take it Easy as we make it EASY for you.

How to Start a Podcast as an Small Business Coach:

In the dynamic world of business coaching, where small enterprises seek guidance to achieve their full potential, the power of podcasting presents a compelling avenue to elevate your brand and connect with a wider audience. Starting a podcast might seem daunting at first, but with the right strategies and a user-friendly approach, you can seamlessly launch your show and make a meaningful impact.
About the Business of Small Business Coaching: Small Business Coaches are pivotal in empowering entrepreneurs to navigate challenges, optimize operations, and foster growth. These coaches help small business owners unleash their potential and transform their enterprises into success stories through personalized guidance and strategies.

Why Start a Podcast as a Small Business Coach?

Podcasting is an unparalleled platform for sharing insights, stories, and strategies with a global audience. As a Small Business Coach, starting a podcast enables you to:

How to start podcast as Small Business Coach

Showcase Expertise

Share your valuable knowledge and practical insights with entrepreneurs seeking guidance.

Build Authority

Establish yourself as a thought leader in the small business coaching, enhancing credibility and attracting clients.

Expand Reach

Reach a broader audience beyond geographical limitations, amplifying your impact.

Content Diversification

Complement your coaching services with engaging audio content that appeals to different learning styles.

Some Small Business Coaching Podcasts

How to start a small business coaching podcast

The Small Business Big Marketing Podcast

Tim Reid shares practical marketing strategies and success stories to help small business owners thrive. – Tim Reid

How to start a podcast as a start up coach

The Solopreneur Hour Podcast

This podcast provides insights for solo entrepreneurs, offering valuable tips and strategies for building successful ventures.- Michael O’Neal

Starting a podcast as a small business coach opens doors to a world of possibilities. With The 8 Lever B2B Pod Framework, you can unlock unparalleled growth, expand your network, and establish yourself as a prominent figure in the executive coaching realm. By strategically aligning your podcast with your coaching goals, you’re poised to make a lasting impact on leaders and organizations worldwide.

Remember, the ROI of your podcast investment isn’t solely measured in numbers but in the profound influence and transformation you bring to your clients and your consultancy. As small business coaches, you can ignite change, and your podcast will serve as a megaphone for your wisdom and guidance. Start your podcast journey today and witness the ripple effect of your influence across the executive landscape.

You have to do only 3 things

With us, you have to do only 3 things – Record, Chill and Promote – Rest all are taken care by us! Strategy, Topic Research, Keywords, Editing, Guidance, Show Notes, Publishing on all platforms, Repurposing Podcasts, Getting Guests, Becoming Guests on Other Podcasts, Your Content Creation for Social Media for Promoting Podcasts – all are done by us for you. Take it Easy as we make it EASY for you