Multiply Your Revenue and Grow Your Brand with Your Own World-Class Podcast!


Podcasts have been growing fast, within a short span it has become an essential marketing tool, and it is proving to be an excellent way to establish your brand authority, credibility and communicate with your audience directly..


Share your expertise. What can build your brand authority and credibility is through content. Podcasts are a great way to share informative information and build your brand authority as your listeners get to hear directly from your mouth. Pieces of information transmitted through discussions turn out to be more valuable than blogs and scripted videos.


Utilize podcasts to earn additional revenue. Making your podcast show successful is a long journey; it requires effort, time, and consistency, so why not monetize from it to make it worth all the effort and time you have invested.


Reach millions of new listeners. Your listeners are your prospects. By sharing valuable information regularly, you get to convert your listeners into qualified leads. When your listeners have been following your podcast, they get to know you very well and are already confident about your product or service.


Build relationships and engage with your customers by sharing valuable information. Podcasts help you share audio contents and share the direct message with your audience, through which you get to engage with them. Audio content might be communicating one way, but your listeners are more engaged as people get to pick up the emotions with your tone and voice, which becomes a limitation for written content sharing. People tend to be more engaged with you and your content as they feel they know you better..

The Podcast Playbook!

Download “The Podcast Playbook” to learn everything about starting, managing, and monetizing your podcast.

What you Need in order to Produce and Launch a Podcast that Grows your Business


Know Your Audience

Before launching your podcast you need to target who will benefit from the content. Find out your target audience so that you get to reach the right set of audiences.


Create A Strategy

Develop a strategy. Your strategy should include how do you want to record your show, you will do solo, or you will interview guests. Select the main topic your show will be categorizing on, and plan out each episode.


Record Podcast

Structure each episode with the pieces of information you will be sharing and record the content and send it to us. And we will take care of the rest.

Watch Ann Carden's Story - How we helped her with Podcast and Content.

How Do We Help?



Quality Content

What turns off a podcast is its audio quality. We make sure that your audio quality is clear and clean so that your listeners can enjoy your informative content without any interruptions or background noises.


Make You Stand Out

We help you stand out from the crowd. With our podcast strategy, content promotion strategy, consistency, and quality, we help you nail your podcast from the first episode.


Expert Guidance & Support

With our expertise, we help you create, launch, and manage your podcast with ease.


Content Produced


Projects Completed


Satisfied Customers

Our Offer

After the strategic call, we will create a blueprint of your podcast. You have to simply record your podcast and send it to us and we will take care of the rest. It is not just audio for us; it is a source of Displaying Your Expertise, Building Your Authority,  and Growing Your Business.  

Researching and Strategy – We research the niche, plan your target audience, conduct keyword research, show ideation, and select the show topic.

Podcast Launch Planning – Create the launch strategy, teasers, social media promotion strategy, setting up accounts, and create other modes of the promotion strategy.

Editing Audio & Video – We ensure world-class quality by enhancing and transforming your recordings to excellent end results.

Podcast Art Designs – We create your unique show brand guidelines and design clean & attractive graphics that catch your audience’s eyes.

Marketing Materials by Repurposing Content – We repurpose your podcast episodes into different social media content like posts, blogs, quotes, and videos which you can use in different social media channels to promote your podcast.

Optimization of Podcast  – We optimize your podcast show with SEO to get you found where your target audiences are searching. 

Publishing & Promotion – We will publish your episodes in different podcast directories and promote your episodes on various platforms to increase your subscribers & reach.

Amplify Your Brand – Done For You Packages


Get Started with Podcast to Build your Brand Awareness and Reach. You get 4 episodes monthly and Marketing Materials for each of the podcasts for promoting them.


Itunes and Spotify


All Set Up and Launch works


All Audio Editing Works


Coverart, Audiogram, Video & Graphic for social media promotion for each of your episodes before launch.


Become an Influencer with a session of 12 Episodes and 12 Optimized Youtube Videos along with a Book with Press Release.


Everything under Basic +


Additional 4 Channels for Podcast Distribution


Research and Audience mapping.


Planning 12 Guests in your niche for the 12 episodes.


Optimization of Podcast and Video for Organic Growth


Repurposing Content by blog posting with your Audio and Video Integration for each episode


Writing, Designing and Formatting Your Book on the learning from the 12 episodes.


A Press Release on launch of your Podcast and Book Launch on more than 300 media outlets.


One Guaranteed High Authority Guest Post on High Authority Platform in your niche.


Start Monetizing your Expertise while Building Authority. We will create a Custom Online Course for you along with 12 Episodes and 12 Optimized Youtube Videos.


Everything Under Pro plan +


Researching and Planning Modules, Submodules and Mode of delivery for each of them for your course.


Course Creation, Video Edits, Presentation Designs, Handout Designs and Set up the LMS.


15 Promotion materials Of Your Course for Social Media ( Graphics, Infographics and Videos) along with 5 relevant blogs for your course


A Press Release on launch of your course on more than 300 media outlets.


Five Guaranteed High Authority Guest Post / Guest Podcast on High Authority Platform in your niche.

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