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Monetize Your Expertise

Planning an Online Course or Membership to Monetize Your Expertise and you are stuck in the details and tech overwhelm?
Monetize Your Expertise Program is perfect for you If you are an Expert, who is looking for packaging your expertise into an Online Course or you want to come up with a Membership Pathway.

Watch Mark Bosworth’s Story- How we helped Kesa Inc transform their business by redesigning their website as per target audience and creating Online Courses and Content.







    • Competitor Analysis
    • Name of the program
    • Research on outline
    • Drawing the structure
    • Plan out the handout materials
    • Planning the Modules and Its content outline and Activities if any
    • Planning the mode of delivery
    • Planning 10 related blogs and its content outline


    • Designing the Course Logo
    • Creating and Editing the Videos which are shot by you.
    • Editing the audios recorded by you
    • Designing the Presentation
    • Creating Video with Animations of PPT and Audio
    • Adding Intro and Outro for each module


    • Finalizing the Learning Management platform for course hosting.
    • Setting up your account and structuring your program.
    • Setting up your Freebie
    • Email Integrations
    • Payment Integrations


    • Course Landing page on WordPress
    • Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics integration
    • Developing Program Trailer
    • Designing 10 Social Media
    • Promotion graphics about the Program
    • Developing 5 Video Snapshots to promote the course on Social Media
    • Writing and Distribution of press releases about the launch of your program to 200 media outlets.
    • One Guaranteed interview about your program on some high authority website
    • We will create your profile snapshot with a small audio /video clip and we will mail and approach at least 40 podcasts that are related to your niche to invite you as a guest where you can promote your program.

It seems like every day there’s a new training, free guide, or blog post promising that you can be an overnight expert if you just do 1 course. There’s no shortage of training courses on creating and launching online courses or memberships.


The fact is, if you’re thinking of starting your own online teaching business…it can and will get confusing and overwhelming pretty fast. Should you start blogging? Should you start a podcast? What about a YouTube channel consisting of your course videos?


There are some great instructors who have done really well on online learning sites, even with rock bottom course price tags. They’ve figured out the recipe to selling good content at a high volume. But it’s a difficult thing to accomplish in the niches which many course creators are operating within.


Creating an online course is difficult, but marketing can be even harder. It’s often after a course is launched that course creators give up on their projects. They have great content, but they become frustrated that it isn’t selling, and they don’t know how to do anything about it.

Leave It On Us!

We can take care of right from the online school setup, to design and maintenance – virtually everything. We do help you to ideate, design, strategizing the prices, integrating the payment gateways, and all! You may now just focus on creating awesome content and let us do the strategic branding and building the “set up” which can scale up your business!!!

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