This Offer is for Leaders, Speakers, Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, and Other Professionals who want to Fire Up Their Authority and  Take their Business to The NEXT LEVEL!

Do You Want To


Be On a Rapidly Growing Platform?


Own Your Content Creation Machine?


Be On A Platform which is less Busy?


Fire Up Your Brand Authority and Credibility?


Build & Grow laser targeted Audience?


Be Seen and Stand Out as an Expert?

If Your Answer is “YES” ; It’s time to Start Your Podcast and Fire Up Your Brand Authority, Attract the Right Audience, Deliver High Value and Claim High Value . This Can be a Life-Changing Game for Your Business.

Presenting An Exclusive Offer On End to End Podcast Management and Content Repurposing For the FIRST 20 8 Customers.


Podcasts have been growing fast, within a short span it has become an essential marketing tool, and it is proving to be an excellent way to establish your brand authority, credibility and communicate with your audience directly..


Share your expertise. What can build your brand authority and credibility is through content. Podcasts are a great way to share informative information and build your brand authority as your listeners get to hear directly from your mouth. Pieces of information transmitted through discussions turn out to be more valuable than blogs and scripted videos.


Utilize podcasts to earn additional revenue. Making your podcast show successful is a long journey; it requires effort, time, and consistency, so why not monetize from it to make it worth all the effort and time you have invested.


Reach millions of new listeners. Your listeners are your prospects. By sharing valuable information regularly, you get to convert your listeners into qualified leads. When your listeners have been following your podcast, they get to know you very well and are already confident about your product or service.


Build relationships and engage with your customers by sharing valuable information. Podcasts help you share audio contents and share the direct message with your audience, through which you get to engage with them. Audio content might be communicating one way, but your listeners are more engaged as people get to pick up the emotions with your tone and voice, which becomes a limitation for written content sharing. People tend to be more engaged with you and your content as they feel they know you better..

Transform Your Business

With a Podcast, you create Quality Content, Repurpose those for Other platforms, Attract and Engage Your Audience, Which builds Trust and it results in Business Growth!

What you Need in order to Produce and start your Podcast that Grows your Business


Record It

You don’t need a fancy Gadget to start your podcast. We will tell you simple ways to record your podcast. 


Send It

Once you record your podcast, you need to send it to us along with a small desription!


That's it!

Once you send it to us, just relax! We will take care of the rest all. 

Watch Ann Carden's Story - How we helped her with Podcast and Content.

What Is A Podcast?

4 Myths That Might Stop You from Staring a Podcast.

5 Common Reasons Why Podcasts Might Fail.

What We Are Offering?



Podcast Strategy and Set Up

We will draw the Strategy & Launch Plan, Create the Show Description, Set Up Hosting Account, Set up your account on Itunes, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart, and Google Podcast,  Design Podcast Cover Art and Audiogram Cover Art, Create Intro/ Outro and Sponsor Message.


Press Release On Your Podcast

We will write and distribute a Press Release on Launch of the Podcast Show on more than 340 media outlets.


End to End Podcast Management & Support

We will do everything that’s required to get your podcast going which includes: 

  • Collecting Guest Details before the Interview.
  • Creating Search Optimized Show Note for Each Episode
  • Professional Editing & Mixing of episodes with ID3 tagging
  • Uploading Each Episode on the Hosting Account and ensure its distribution on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart, and Google Podcast
  • Posting your Episode on your website and
  • Sharing Monthly Podcast Analytics.

Content Repurposing

From Each Of Your Podcast Episode, we will provide:

  • 2 Quote Graphics
  • 2 Social Feeds
  • 1 Story
  • 2 Audiograms
  • 1 Search Engine Optimized Blog up to 600 Words
  • 1 Full-length audio wave video for YouTube and 
  • 3 Micro clips for Social Media. 

That’s 12 Pieces Of content for Each Episode which means 48 pieces in a month for 4 episodes. Apart from that, you will get 1 monthly Guest Posting on some High Authority Websites of your Niche. Also, we will perform the Email Blast to your list sharing the details of each episode release. 

ALL THESE FOR A ONE TIME SET UP FEES OF $1299 $599 and Monthly Investment of $497 $297 Only*.

* Offer valid for FIRST 20 Customers Only!


Content Produced


Projects Completed


Satisfied Customers

Our Capabilities

Your Podcast is not just audio for us; it is a source of Displaying Your Expertise, Building Your Authority,  and Growing Your Business.  

Research and Strategy

We research the niche, plan your target audience, conduct keyword research, show ideation, and select the show topic.

Podcast Art Designs

We create your unique show brand guidelines and design clean & attractive graphics that catch your audience’s eyes.

Guest Management

We do research and invite the right guest for your niche, communicate with them, collect all their details for the podcast, and manage all important communication on your behalf.

Podcast Launch Planning

Create the launch strategy, teasers, social media promotion strategy, set up accounts, and create other promotion strategies.

Podcast Optimization

We optimize your podcast show with SEO to get you found where your target audiences are searching.


Publishing & Promotion

We will publish your episodes in different podcast directories and promote your episodes on various platforms to increase your subscribers & reach.

Audio & Video Edits

We ensure world-class quality by enhancing and transforming your recordings to excellent end results.

Show Notes

We create compelling show notes with Keyword Optimization, listing the important learning, call to action, and important links for the attention and ease of your audiences. 


Repurposing Content

Repurposing your episodes into different content like posts, blogs, quotes, and videos, etc. for promoting on various channels.

Whatever We Have Done,


Shouvik met and exceeded my expectations in designing my new website. His communication is effective, updates are done quickly, and his follow-up is excellent. I highly recommend working with Shouvik and his team.

Lori-Ann Muenzer

Olympic Cycling gold medalist, Speaker and Facilitator

The Customer service bar has been truly set by Shouvik and his team. They deliver high quality, to the brief, in a timely manner, and at a reasonable cost. I can’t see myself using any other team for maintaining my businesses and tech growth solutions.

Jacqueline Gold

Education Strategist

Shouvik and his team did an exceptional job on my Website. We collaborated to ensure that the messaging was right. Suggestions were made that improved what I had sent over. They made sure all was top notch!

Janet Metzger

Mindset Coach