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Are you ready to establish yourself as a leading authority in your field? Launch Your Podcast with us and unlock the power of thought leadership through the captivating medium of podcasting.

Some Of The Podcasts We Have 

Spread Your Powerful Message with Conversations, Increase Your Brand Authority and Become a Thought Leader.

You do the talking; We’ll do the rest.

If you have an established business, adding a podcast can be a great way to grow your brand; you know it. But we get it –  starting, and managing a podcast can feel daunting, especially when:

  • you’re short on time, or
  • don’t want to spend too much energy on technical know-how, or
  • don’t have the expertise to manage and promote your episodes, or
  • you don’t want to take another course or learn yet another piece of technology.

Our services are dedicated to helping busy entrepreneurs like you streamline the process and launch and promote your podcast without taking up too much of your valuable time.

Uncover Yourself and Boost Your Reach with the Right Message to Attract the Right Audience and Command Your Worth.

Meet Ann Carden

Host Expert In You Podcast – More than 100 Episodes – She shares her experience working with us.

Build Your Tribe of Ideal Customers Easily — Record Conversations and Let Us Do the Rest.

Did you know research shows that podcast hosts have a great influence over their listeners; 63% of them will actually buy products that they advertise? It’s easy to see why podcasts are such an effective way to drive sales without feeling pushy. Tap into the power of podcasts and watch your business grow.

Creating a successful podcast requires more than just audio editing. But you don’t have to worry!

With our All-in-One Solution, everything will be taken off your plate.

start your podcast with ease

Launch Your Podcast with Confidence

Launching a podcast can be an overwhelming endeavor, but with Impact4Brands by your side, you’ll navigate the process with ease. Our experienced team of podcasting experts will work closely with you to create a comprehensive podcast strategy tailored to your unique goals and target audience.

We create your podcast blueprint

Identifying Your Why –  Getting deeper into why you are going to start a podcast.
Keyword Research – Understand the prime keywords that your listeners might search for.
Listener Avatar – Drawing different types of listener avatars for whom we are going to set up the podcast.
Listener Journey – Mapping the listener’s journey and having a conversion strategy – How we can convert your audience to fans and then further convert them.
Guest Avatar – Understanding who can be ideal guests for your podcast and how to find them.
Podcast Frequency – Defining the podcast frequency based on our objective.
Podcast Format – Based on the objective, defining the format of the podcast that we will be launching.
Promotion Strategy – Identifying which platforms we should promote your podcast to get in front of the right eyeballs who can be your guests or target audiences.
CTA – Identifying different types of calls to action that we can add to different podcast episodes.
Success Factors and KPI – Finding out the success factors of the podcast i.e. different ways to justify the ROI of podcasting. Defining and Identifying clear KPIs that we will be tracking.

Craft an Unforgettable Brand

A strong brand identity is crucial for podcast success. We understand the importance of standing out in the crowded podcasting landscape. We’ll collaborate with you to develop a compelling podcast brand that reflects your values, vision, and personality.

We Craft Your "Podcast Branding"

Podcast Title: Coming up with different titles and selecting “the best-fit title”
Podcast Description: Writing search-optimized podcast Descriptions.
Podcast Intro / Outro: Creating the podcast intro/outro with relevant royalty-free music.
Podcast Cover: Designing the cover art of the podcast.
Episode Artwork: Keeping brand consistency in mind, we will create 3 styles of Episode Artwork that will be used while creating promotional materials for different episodes.
Promo Image Styles: We will design up to 4 promo image styles that will be used while creating promotional materials for different episodes.
Audiogram Styles: We will design 2 audiogram styles that will be used while creating promotional materials for different episodes.
Show Notes: We will develop a show note format and a sample show note for your approval.
Podcast Webpage: We will design the podcast webpage that will be used to host your podcast and links to all the places where people can access this.

Start your podcast branding
Process to start your podcast

Streamline Your Production Process

Launching a podcast involves various technical aspects that can be daunting for beginners. That’s where we come in. We provide you with a suite of podcast templates and checklists that streamline your production process. These resources cover almost everything you need.

We create 10 Podcast Templates and Checklists for you

Launch Template: We will create an email template that will be used to email your list when you launch a new episode.
Social Media Teaser: We will set up a template that can be used to post on social media about “Your Episode Coming Soon” –
Launch Post: We will set up a template that can be used to post on social media when your podcast is launched.
Follow-Up Post: We will set up a template that can be used to post on social media to remind your audience to listen to the episode.
Guest Outreach Email: The Email template that will be used to outreach your target guests.
1st reminder Guest Outreach: The email template that we will use to remind the target guest about the invitation.
Reminder Template: The template that will be used to remind your guests about the interview one day before the podcast interview is scheduled.
Thank You Template: The template that will be used to thank your guests after the interview is over.
Guest Promotional Templates: The template that will be used to send the episode promotional materials to your guests.
Workflow: A format that our team will update that can make you understand the real-time workflow by just looking at it.

Polish Your Episodes and Create Impactful Marking Materials

To help you make a memorable first impression, we offer initial editing services for your first seven episodes. Our team will enhance the sound quality, eliminate distractions, and ensure a seamless listening experience. Additionally, we will develop eye-catching graphics and social media assets to promote your podcast on various platforms.

Check the Setup, Editing and Production Services

Setting Up Podcast Hosting
Setting up and integrating accounts at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Youtube and other major distribution channels.
Editing Audio / Videos of the first 7 episodes.
Preparing SEO-Oriented Show Notes for every episode.
Writing Blog for Every Episode that can be posted on Linkedin Articles or can be published on the website.
Creating Episode Cover Art for Every Episode
Creating 2 Graphic Quote Images for every Episode
Preparing 1 Audiogram for Every Episode
Preparing 1 snapshot social media video for every Episode.
Launching and Publishing Episodes as per the schedule we planned.
Publish Blogs as per the schedule.

Start your podcast editing service
Process to start your podcast

Promote Your Podcast to the World

A successful podcast launch requires effective marketing strategies. We will ensure your podcast generates interest and excitement among your target audience.Our promotional strategies are based on importance of visibility in growing your podcast audience

Know more about the Podcast Promotion Services

Craft a compelling press release to announce your podcast launch and distribute that to more than 250 media outlets.
One Guaranteed Guest Post / Interview on a High Authority Website.
Promotion of your podcast by our team on different directories, groups, forums, and sites to get the initial traffic and 20-25 reviews.

Let’s Launch Your Podcast and Create “Binge-Worthy” Content in 30 Days or Less.

You talk, We deliver: Delivering quality results with ease.

Our Launch Package

  • A Top Class, well-strategized Podcast
  • Podcast Available on all Top High Engaging Platforms like Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, Youtube and others.
  • 7 Episodes Audio / Video edits.
  • 7 Podcast Episodes Scheduled.
  • 7 Search Optimized Blogs for Website / LinkedIn articles written from the episodes.
  • 28 Pieces Of Marketing Materials to promote your episodes.
  • Initial Podcast traffic and 20/25 reviews and ratings.
  • 1 Guaranteed High-End Guest Post/ Interview on A High Authority Website.
  • Media Shout Outs on more than 250 Outlets.

All for $1899 $1299 now!

 Our Process – How It Happens

Step 1 - Strategy

This is the first step, rather than the foundation step where we sit over a Virtual Cuppa and we will discuss the idea about your podcast and we will come up with answers to the following questions together :

  • How the Podcast is going to help your business?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What should be the podcast format ( Solo/ Interview or Mixed)?
Step 2 - Research

In this step, my team will do the research and we will come up with

  • Possible Podcast names.
  • Keywords that your target audience might be interested in.
  • Platforms where your podcast must be distributed.
  • What Can be the possible lead generation strategy?
  • Once you approve, we will drop a battle plan and walk away with The name of your Podcast and Series of Topics for your first season.


So after this step you know what exactly you need to do and what we will be doing.

Step 3 - Launch

Once we are clear with the Name and the series of topics for your first season, all you need to do is Record and Relax. And our will do everything to support and take over from there. Here is what we will be doing :

  • Designing Your Cover Art
  • Preparing Guest List
  • Inviting Guests for Interviews
  • Coordinating Your Interview Schedule
  • Preparing Interview Questions for Each of the Guests
  • Editing Audios / Videos of every episode
  • Preparing SEO Oriented Show Notes for Every episode
  • Writing Blog for Every Episode
  • Creating Episode Cover Art for Every Episode
  • Creating 2 Graphic Quote Image for every Episode
  • Preparing 1 Audiogram for Every Episode
  • Preparing 1 snapshot social media video for every Episode.
  • Setting Up Podcast Hosting
  • Creating Distribution Channels for Your Podcast
  • Launching and Publishing Episodes as per schedule
  • Publish Blogs as per schedule
Step 4- Promotion

Once Your Podcast is launched, our team will take care of:

  • Press release of your podcast launch to more than 250 media outlets
  • One Guaranteed Guest Post / Interview on a High Authority Website


 Frequently Asked Questions

Whom is this offer for?

Well, the offer is for Coaches, Consultants, and Professional Service providers who are already in the business for more than 3 years. They have a clear offer with them and they are looking for new ways to scale up their business and sales.

How I will continue my podcast?

That will be great! We can discuss the episode frequency and set up a monthly plan customized to your needs. Our monthly plan starts at $397 a month. You can click here to check the details. If you wish to hire a VA in place of our agency to manage your podcast, you can do that as well. 

What other expenses do i need to pay apart from this $1299?

Our current offer includes everything apart from podcast hosting. While there are lots of hosting companies you can explore. We love Anchor if you want something free and for paid, we love Podbean.

I have more questions?

Of course, you may have some questions in your mind before you get started. In such a case, you can book a call with us by clicking here. You can also send us a message by clicking here.

What happens if I decide not to continue running the podcast after 7 episodes?

Each episode of your podcast is like an asset. They are not like Facebook lives, whose life is very less. You will find people exploring old episodes. So, even if you decide to discontinue your podcast, your podcast will be available to all with the 7 episodes.

What are the equipmentsa i need to buy?

In most of the cases, you need not buy any equipment. If you have a good headset and laptop and good internet connection. We will do trial recordings and recommend if anything is needed. Being business podcasts, we don’t need perfection like singers and authors. We need quality content delivered clearly and our team will ensure it happens!