Got A WordPress Website?

Just like you, we specialize in our business!

So, let us take care of your systems, and you take care of your business! WORDPRESS MAINTENANCE – WordPress Updates, Hack Protection, WordPress Security, Website Changes, WordPress loading speed, WordPress Backups  – We cover it all.

What if you didn’t have to know how it all works, or need to learn how to maintain your website, make your new content look gorgeous, add new pages, add new services/products, or opt-ins to your latest lead magnet offer? …and (here’s the bad news).. things go wrong!
Sh*t happens, right?

What happens if something stops working, or worse, It get hacked?

So you’re asking yourself…

Do I really need site maintenance & security for my website?

Like any good owner knows, keeping the engine oiled means all runs smoothly..

Wait until something stops working and it’s not only time and hassle to figure out what’s broken, but a page, your new ‘promo’ or the whole site down is no good for your brand reputation (let alone lost leads if they’ve clicked a link on one of your latest hot offers which is not available at that time).

Well, RELAX… we can do it all for you, so you can just focus on what you love

What’s Included?

(well actually, maybe it’s more like.. what’s not included?)

Weekly WordPress Updates

All trouble of handling complex updates and ensuring smooth functionalities taken care by us.

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WordPress is constantly adding up with more and more features as nowadays a large number of websites are built on WordPress. These changes are implemented in the form of updates. We keep your WordPress website always updated.

24 x 7 Monitoring

Our Team and System Monitors Your Website Constantly

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We monitor your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If we find anything abnormal, our team will immediately investigate and fix it. 

Audience Analytics

You receive a monthly report on your website traffic.

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Analytics play a vital role in your coaching business. You must know from where people are landing your site, how they are behaving, what pages they are browsing, what’s the total traffic and its diversification, demographics of the traffic and so on. You get a monthly report on the same.

Pages / Images Modification

We will ensure your content stays updated as and when needed.

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Information on your pages and images on your website can never be constant. They will require updations as and when needed. We will ensure whenever you need to change the content and images of your webpage, it’s done in the next 48 hours.

Firewall Protection

There is a protective wall between hackers and your site. 

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Your website is protected by a cloud firewall which prevents hackers and malicious scripts to enter your WordPress website.

Website Loading Speed Maintenance

We will ensure your website loading speed is enhanced and maintained.

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We keep an eye on your website speed weekly and we ensure your website loading speed is maintained by making all the necessary changes and fixes.

Superb Responsive Support

Most importantly, our personalized stellar support!

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Messenger, Email, Phone, Whataspp – the way you like it. Need help? Just use any of the channels you prefer and send us a message with your question or request and it will be addressed quickly, instead of waiting for any ticket.

If you are on messenger or Whatsapp, after we onboard you, you will be added to a group where our team will be there to help you out always!


Weekly Themes/ Plugins Updates

All the features and technical updates of plugins and themes are regularly taken care of by us.

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Being theme built and maintained by professionals, the themes regularly changed as per the changes in WordPress and technological advancements. The same happens with the plugins we use in your web designing. We ensure in our  Website Enhancement Service that your theme and plugins are always updated.

Daily Offsite Backups

A Copy of your website is always available with us.

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Your website will be backed up every day and it will be stored offsite so that if anything goes wrong with your website or hosting, it can be recovered and restored easily.


Weekly Comment Moderation

We monitor your comments and filter each of them before approving.

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We ensure we see all the incoming comments and filter each of them before approving. Also, we mark spam comments and block them from unnecessary coming in.


Adding / Modifying Blogs

You Focus On Your Writing, we will take care of rest.

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You have to just send us your blog and image to be posted and we will ensure it’s updated along with the on-page SEO in next 48 hours.

Malware / Hack Removal

It’s our responsibility to your visitors are landing to a safe website.

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By any means, if your website is hacked or affected by malware, we will clean up and remove the same and ensure your business is in safe hands. 

IP Scan and Blocking

We ensure the Malicious and suspicious IP is tracked and blocked as well.

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We ensure all the IPs through which the traffic is coming are monitored and any unnatural or abnormal traffic is reported and Blocked. Malicious IP scanning and blocking is a daily task of ours.


Monthly Reports

Every month, you get a report on what we have done!

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You will get monthly reports for all work done on your website. It gives you an in-depth analysis of every factor of your website.

All these for $79 a month!

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